Call for Section Chairs and Sections

Expressions of interest for section chairs and section proposals are being accepted by the International Conference on Logistics an Industrial Engineering (ICLIE) Organizing Committee for the ICLIE 2024 international conference. Expressions of interest from early-career scholars, senior scholars, scholars from different geographical regions, and researchers who identify as members of racial minorities and other underrepresented groups are also welcome.

As a group of two or more people, you may register your interest. Proposals that satisfy the following requirements will be given priority:

1) They must be extremely original and have the potential to pique the interest of a broad and diverse audience;

2) They must be submitted by a diverse team of scholars with varying degrees of seniority and who are based in different nations and regions; and

The Organizing Committee may invite proposing teams to join together if they see scope for collaboration which would benefit the wider ICLIE community.


What is the role of section chairs?

Section chairs will either suggest new topics or provide a more detailed description of the section within the general themes listed below.

o Draft a request for panel discussions, papers, and section contributions.

o Invite people and decide on the activities for each section's format (panels, roundtables with books, open discussions, etc.).

o Assign participants, including chairs and discussants, to panels and other section events;

o Choose (accept or reject) panel and paper proposals.

The majority of this work will be finished in September or October of 2024. This is a fantastic chance for you to influence the conference and connect with academics in related fields.



We seek volunteers to chair the following sections or to propose new ones. If you would like to propose a section that is not listed here, you are able to do so, though we will be able to offer fewer sections at this conference.


How to apply?

Please email a proposal with information about the team members, whether or not the section pertains to one of the listed sections above, and a 500-word description of the proposed section to the Organizing Committee email ( before January 30, 2024. Please also feel welcome to get in touch with any questions or ideas before then.